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We’ve put the first 3 sections of this course right here in our demo, so you can get a feel for how it works before you choose to pay for the full experience.

In this bite-size version you’ll find real-life examples of well-handled and poorly handled crises. We’ll start you thinking about what could make a crisis for your business and then we’ll highlight the key attributes of a good crisis spokesperson.

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Good crisis planning and communication have never been more important.

Many organisations have been affected by the covid pandemic and have had to manage job losses, site closures and outbreaks of the virus among workers.

Even if your organisation has not been directly impacted, many of your suppliers, contractors, employees and customers will have been affected.

On top of this, other crises still happen and continue to make the news.

How these crises are managed will define an organisation’s reputation.

In this course, you will learn how you can help ensure your organisation's communication plan is ‘crisis ready’ and how to communicate effectively when the worst does happen.

The training can be used as an introduction to crisis management or a timely refresher and takes around an hour to complete.

You will hear from some of our expert journalist tutors who have reported on countless organisational crises and advised on PR strategy for many of the FTSE100.

By the end, you will have the skills and understanding to ensure your crisis communication is timely, compassionate and authentic – both internally and externally.

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Write your awesome label here.

You will learn:

The role you can play now in anticipating your organisation’s vulnerabilities and identifying possible crisis triggers

The steps you can take to ensure you can begin to communicate quickly when crisis strikes

How to communicate compassionately, authentically and effectively with the media, your teams and your customers

How long you really have to begin responding to a crisis

How to deal with journalists gathering outside your offices

The role you can play now in anticipating your organisation’s vulnerabilities and identifying possible crisis triggers

Who should take this course?

Whether you are new to crisis communications or have previous experience of managing a crisis, this course will enhance your understanding of crisis communication, help you evaluate your organisation’s risks and vulnerabilities and protect its reputation when things go wrong.

It is ideal for members of crisis and business continuity teams, whether they are new to those roles or feel they would benefit from a refreshed.

We can also offer an additional option that allows delegates from this training to put what they have learnt to the test with working journalists and realistic scenarios.

[DEMO] Essential crisis management

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"Fantastic media training. Learned how to deal with the pressure under a crisis."

Karen Koh Allen, Legal Director, Pentland Brands

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