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How to film and edit like a pro on your mobile


Are you looking to create professional video content on your smartphone? On this course our expert tutor, Anna Brees, will show you how to make compelling videos that will entertain and engage your audience and help you tell your story.

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Are you looking to add more video to your business’s social media output? Perhaps the business wants to create videos to communicate more effectively with your teams?

You are not alone. Video has exploded in recent years.


And with more people than ever before working from home it’s vital that we find efficient ways to connect and engage with our colleagues and customers.


Views of branded video content have also increased by 258 per cent on Facebook. And on Twitter, a video Tweet is now six times more likely to be retweeted than a photo Tweet.


But contemplating the cost and time of video production might make you hesitant about joining this growing trend. It may even make you tremble.

Well, hesitate and tremble no more – the answer is already in your pocket.


Your smartphone is a mobile production studio capable of making high-quality videos that will raise your communication game and compel your audience.


You just need to learn how to use it to its full capability.


And that’s where we come in.


In this interactive online course, Anna Brees, a familiar face you will recognise from BBC and ITV news, guides you through everything you need to know about making videos that not only look professional but make people stop scrolling and watch.

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You will learn:

What makes good video content

The types of footage you need to capture

Importance of lighting and stabilisation

How to edit your footage on your phone

How to turn your mobile into an autocue

How to add subtitles

How to publish your videos

The tricks to make people watch them

Who should take this course?

This course is for everyone. You may run your own business. You may work in marketing or perhaps in internal communication. If you are keen to involve more video in your communication and marketing strategies, we will show you how to make great content without breaking the bank.

Whether you are looking for your social media teams and wider communications teams to create more video content for social media or are a senior leader looking to use video to better communicate with your teams and customers, this online training will give you everything you need to create compelling footage.

Our individual and team packages mean that whether it’s just you or a whole team who need training, we’ve got you covered.


And if you think you may need a little more help or support, we also offer a consultancy option that enables you to spend time with one of our experienced video journalist tutors.


We will give you all the skills you need to create powerful video – how you use those skills is up to you. 

Course Contents

Introduction (5 mins)

  • Welcome
  • Mobile video as part of your communications strategy

Planning your videos (10 mins)

  • What makes good video content?
  • Planning your content

Shooting your videos (15 mins)

  • Landscape or square?
  • The three-shot sequence
  • How to frame interviews

Equipment (15 mins)

  • Selecting and using a microphone
  • Lighting your videos
  • Your equipment and software list

Using your phone to edit (20 mins)

  • Editing your videos
  • Adding subtitles

It's all in the presentation (10 mins)

  • Pitch, tone and pace
  • Autocue

The end game (20 mins)

  • Headline, topshot and story
  • Publishing your videos

Bonus module (5 mins)

  • Live broadcasting

Total Time: 100 mins

How to film and edit like a pro on your mobile

Benefits of our online courses

Expert content

Instead of rebranding generic courses, our online courses are made by us; using journalists, presenters and other experts in the media world to ensure all content is of the highest quality.

Cost effective

With no need to travel anywhere or take time away from the workplace, our online courses are an extremely cost effective format for training and development of yourself or your employees.

Highly flexible

Work through the courses at your own pace and at a time that is convenient for you! Our online courses are fully accessible on computers, tablets and mobile devices, and simply require a connection to the internet.
"I’ve just completed the online course which explained how to film and edit my own videos. It was a really engaging course with lots of new information in it, like the most important things to consider when setting up a shot. Also the apps that I can download to use for filming, editing, and for autocue.

I’m feeling more confident now, especially about knowing how to engage with the audience."

Zoe Fudge-Ajadi, Project Manager & Trainer, deafPLUS
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Discounts available for multiple license purchases

Multiple licence discounts

We offer the following discounts for purchases of multiple licences for this course:

  • 2 licences: £295 + vat
  • 3 licences: £395 + vat
  • 6 licences: £595 + vat

Please contact us at for more information and for custom quotes.

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