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Budgets are squeezed, channels are changing, and we live in an analytical age where there is greater interest in measuring the performance of the media team function.

Many teams are also now working remotely – or are taking a hybrid approach – which means they may have lost some of their visibility.

To counter these challenges and help comms professionals fulfil their potential, we are now taking applications to join the latest version of
The Media Team Academy.

Can anyone join The Media Team Academy?

The Media Team Academy is an exclusive community of comms professionals who want to improve and develop their careers.

During its first year, The Media Team Academy was joined by nearly 700 like-minded communications professionals from over 100 different organisations. And they came from a range of backgrounds, with department heads, comms directors, managers and comms officers among the ranks.

If you like the sound of the Media Team Academy and would like to register your interest to boost your development by learning alongside like-minded colleagues, contact us today about becoming an academy member.

Continue reading below to learn about everything you'll get access to.

Price: £795 + VAT

12 month rolling subscription

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What is The Media Team Academy?

Ask the expert surgery sessions

We believe all comms professionals should have the best opportunity to thrive.
So, we’ve added a new feature for members of The Media Team Academy this year – Ask the expert 'surgery sessions'.

These are bespoke sessions you can use to probe the expertise of our journalists, communication experts and leadership tutors to overcome problems and nurture skills.

They are there to support, motivate, inspire and share insight and recommendations.

Each comms team will be able to book a two-hour bespoke session with our team.

Use it to pick the brain of our experts on your communications conundrums and challenges or leadership and management dilemmas.

Simply let us know how and when you want to use the session, and we’ll find the right expert to help - consultancy without the cost.

Masterclass programme

This year we’ll continue our live media skills and personal development masterclasses.

Each month, we will run an hour-long high impact online interactive session. 

Although best watched live - so you can get involved in the discussion and ask questions - we will also be recording them, enabling you to catch up later.

We want the Media Team Academy to be as interactive and beneficial as possible. So, you’ll have the option each month to vote for what we cover in these masterclass sessions. Once again, your input will be crucial to deciding what we cover, but here are some of the initial topics:


Our specially selected team of working journalists and expert media commentators guide you through the media and comms issues you may be grappling with. Below is a selection of what we'll be offering in 2024. 

Pitching to journalists:
An insider’s guide

Video messaging on your mobile 
 The TED talk way

Internal communication during a crisis 

How can you overcome ESG fatigue 
How to have better remote presentations and meetings
Review of the Year 2024

Media Skills Masterclass: How to have better remote presentations and meetings

We’ve all been doing it for a while now, haven’t we?

In fact, working from home has become such a norm that some people are yet to meet their colleagues in person.

Yet many of us still find group video calls an immense challenge and a barrier to effective communication.

So, isn’t it time we zoomed in on the skills needed to give effective and engaging virtual presentations and meetings?

In this masterclass, we will look at:

  • Why virtual meetings and presentations can still feel weird
  • How you can elicit better audience responses and create connections
  • How you can project authority online
  • Strategies you can use now for better remote presentations and meetings

Media Skills Masterclass: The best and worst media interviews of the year (and what you can learn from them)

Our last masterclass of the year will look back at some of 2024’s most memorable interviews.

We'll guide you through the good and the bad and explore what you can learn from them to help your spokespeople prepare for their next media appearance.

It will include examples of spokespeople struggling with hypothetical, personal, and tricky questions and being hampered by poor preparation.

And we will look at those who packed their interviews with personal anecdotes and passion and stayed composed when faced with tough questions.

In this masterclass, we will look at

  • The interviews that delighted us this year
  • The ones that were more of a catastrophe
  • What you and your spokespeople can learn from them 

Media Skills Masterclass: How to make pro-quality video on your smartphone (and give it a starring role in your comms) 

Video has become a crucial part of our everyday lives.
People now watch an average of 17 hours of online video a week. And video conferencing remains a crucial connection tool.

But our use of it needs to go beyond streaming and Zoom. Video needs to become an integral part of wider communication strategies.

And although that may sound expensive, it doesn't need to blow your budget.

In this masterclass, we will look at

  • How you can make video recorded on your smartphone a crucial part of your external and internal communication strategies
  • Practical tips for better videos you can use immediately
  • The guiding principles of creating videos people want to watch and share

Media Skills Masterclass
: Pitching to journalists: An insider’s guide

How can you make your PR pitch stand out to journalists?

Pitching isn’t easy, is it? The news cycle moves quicker than ever, and in the UK there are around 9,000 more PRs than journalists.

Additionally, new outlets seem to launch all the time – not only is it tricky to grab attention, but it can also be difficult to know who to target. So, wouldn’t it be helpful to get the inside track on what journalists want from you and how you can capture their attention?

After all, none of us like constant rejection.

In this masterclass, we will look at:

  • The current media landscape
  • What journalists look for in a pitch
  • What turns journalists off
  • What other media you should consider including in your pitch

Media Skills Masterclass
: Presentations The TED talk way

Want to learn to speak like a TED Talk pro?

TED Talks now exists in more than 170 countries.
They are viewed more than 1.5 million times a day.

Some of the best-known and most influential people on the planet have spoken at them, including Bill Clinton, Richard Branson, Sheryl Sandberg, and Elon Musk.

And there is plenty other presenters can learn about public speaking from them.

In this masterclass, we will look at:

  • The tactics you can use to create TED Talk-worthy presentations
  • How you can apply them to conferences, meetings and community events
  • How you can inspire your audience, whether it is face-to-face or remote

Media Skills Masterclass
: Why internal comms is crucial to managing your next media crisis

Internal communication can often be an overlooked part of crisis media management.

You have to rush to get your external messages out and try to take control of the narrative – all perfectly understandable.

But your employees are a crucial audience.

And internal communication can be one of the best ways of ensuring your crisis does not get worse.

In this masterclass, we will look at:

  • The role of internal comms during a crisis
  • How you can get your internal comms right when a crisis strikes
  • The steps you can take now to ensure you can communicate effectively with your employees when the worst happens

Media Skills Masterclass
: How can you overcome ESG fatigue 

It feels like almost every day a brand announces new Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) commitments, targets and a purpose-related strategy.

From climate change to a living wage, businesses increasingly want to reach audiences with their ESG story.

But not only is there lots of competition for attention, there is also plenty of cynicism and scepticism about the subjects and heightened awareness of greenwashing.

So, what can you do to reach and convince audiences about your ESG story?

In this masterclass, we will look at:

  • How you can avoid ESG scepticism and alienation
  • How you can find a space for your ESG story
  • The importance of being specific and making it real
  • How to manage sustainable targets (and what happens if you miss them?)


Our personal development programme is designed to develop talent, inspire fresh ideas and help you overcome personal obstacles and challenges, all under the guidance of leadership and management coaches from The BCF Group.
How to lead and manage your comms team during a crisis
Becoming more than an accidental manager
Better time management for comms and media pros
And how to give it to people who don’t want to hear it. 

Personal Development Masterclass: Feedback and how to give it to people who don’t want to hear it. 

Receiving feedback can be tough.  But giving it can be much harder.

And it gets even more tricky if you need to feedback to someone more senior to you or who perhaps doesn’t want to hear it.

But giving feedback is a crucial communication skill.

So, whether you are leading a team or need to feedback to senior leaders about their latest media interview, you cannot afford to be afraid of giving it.

In this masterclass we will look at:

  • How to give feedback to your peers, bosses or direct reports
  • Expert advice on giving feedback to those who don’t want to hear it
  • How to give feedback that encourages positive behaviour

Personal Development Masterclass: How to lead your comms team during a crisis

You’ve got your comms strategy in place. You know who your spokespeople will be. And you’ve tested your plan.
But have you thought about how to manage yourself and lead your team through a crisis?

In this masterclass with our friends from the BCF Group, we will look at:

  • How to look after yourself and your team during sustained times of pressure
  • How you can stay calm during a crisis and prevent your emotions from impacting your decision-making
  • How to avoid the emotions and reactions of others impacting your decisions
  • Tips for avoiding information overload
  • The importance of knowing your resilience – and that of those around you

Personal Development Masterclass: Becoming more than an accidental manager

Want to become more than an accidental manager?

Here’s a classic scenario. You perform well in your comms or media team role. In fact, you excel.
And then, you are promoted and have a team to lead. Suddenly, work becomes very different.

Sound familiar?

In this masterclass, with our friends from The BCF Group, we will look at:

  • The challenges of being an accidental manager
  • How you can get to grips with the leadership part of your role
  • The growing importance of soft skills (or power skills as they are increasingly known) and how you can develop them.

Personal Development Masterclass
: Better time management for comms and media pros

You probably find yourself juggling lots of competing tasks and deadlines.

Maybe you procrastinate and find the work keeps stacking up.

Time can often feel like it is in short supply for comms and media team professionals.

Would it help if you were given a helping hand with your time management and prioritising your workload?

In this masterclass, with our friends from The BCF Group, we will look at:

  • How you can better manage your time
  • Some time management tools you can use now
  • How to better delegate tasks (and eliminate those that waste your time)

What else is included in your subscription?

Online, on-demand, training courses

Academy members also get access to our online, on-demand, training courses (normally worth £195 each). These are available whenever and wherever you need them and can be completed on a PC, Mac, Tablet or Smart Phone.

As a member your team will each have access to an additional nine  online courses . You can use these to refresh your presentation skills, learn how to make brilliant videos on your smartphone, or discover more about writing engaging content. The choice is yours.

The choice of courses already includes those below, but we are also working on more.
These will be released to academy members as they become available through the year.

  • Media skills (refresher)
  • How to film and edit like a pro on your mobile
  • Essential crisis management
  • Identifying positive media stories
  • Presentation and personal impact skills
  • How to write engaging content
  • Three-part crisis series

Academy resource hub

You’ll also have access to a dedicated academy resource hub.

Here, you can take your pick from more than 80 learning resources and communication aids to support your development and help you tackle everyday tasks.

The hub is constantly growing and is packed with eBooks, webinars, downloadable templates, case studies and blogs.

Collaborative community

As an academy member, you’ll have access to a chat function that allows you to ask the group – including our experts - anything.

What does this mean? Well, if you need some advice from someone outside your organisation about a particular topic or challenge, then why not ask a peer on the chat.

We can’t promise you’ll get the answer to everything, but sometimes just having someone different people to run an idea past can make the difference.

Frequently asked questions

When does the 12 month subscription start and end?

If you pay on credit card your recurring 12 month subscription will begin immediately and you will have access to all courses.

We will contact you to request the details for the other members of your team. We will set up all other members of your team as soon as you provide these details.

If you arrange to pay by invoice, we'll contact you to ask you for the details of your other team members and when payment is received we will set everyone up and email you the access details.
Your 12 month subscription starts on the day we email you the access details and ends 12 months later. 

Can I pay by another means and not credit card?

Yes. If you'd like to pay by invoice and purchase order, please contact us on [email protected] and tell us about your business, your team and the sector your work in.

We'll get back in touch with your next steps.

What if we have less or more than 8 people in the media team?

Membership to Media Team Academy allows you to give access to up to 8 team members.

The price remains the same even if you have fewer team members.

If you have a larger team please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

If I sign up am I guaranteed membership?

Not necessarily.

We want to ensure that we build a collaborative and supportive community that represents a broad spectrum of industries, skills and experience levels.

So, for example, if we find we have too many applications from one sector then we may choose to withhold your enrolment and will issue a full refund.

How many users, online courses, masterclasses and surgery sessions will I get during my subscription?

One subscription to The Media Team Academy gives up to eight members of your team access.

Each member will also receive access to an additional nine relevant online courses from our range. 

We will deliver twelve media skills or personal development masterclasses across the twelve months of your subscription.

All surgery sessions are two hours long. These can only be used once during your subscription. Only signed up members of the Media Team Academy may attend these sessions.

You do not have to use the full two hours, but we are unable to break the time down into smaller chunks.

Once booked, time slots can not be rearranged. 

How can I book a surgery session?

Use the ‘Ask the expert – surgery sessions’ link to request a date and time for your two hour group session. We'll review our expert's calendar and will confirm with you. 

You can only book one session per calendar year and once you have confirmed your time, this session is unfortunately not changeable. 

We much prefer to use Zoom for these sessions, but if your organisation can only use Teams then this will be possible by prior arrangement. Simply book your slot as usual and then get in touch with us and we will make it work for you.

We will contact you before the session and ask you to provide some more details on how you would like to use the time. At this point you will be able to send us any supporting information that will help us prepare for the session.

These sessions are designed for Media Team Academy members only and therefore can be attended by up to 8 of your registered team (per subscription).

If you would like to take advantage of this feature, your two hours must be used during your subscription year and cannot roll over. 

How do I cancel my subscription?

If you paid by credit card on the site, you have chosen to take out a 12 month rolling subscription.

Your subscription will be automatically renewed after 12 months We will email to confirm your subscription renewal and you will continue to enjoy great value for money from the growing library of resources. 

You can cancel your subscription at any time through the 'My Account' menu.