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Access a range of online learning and development courses; written exclusively by us in collaboration with expert journalists and presenters.

Our courses

How to write engaging content

Learn how to write content that stops people scrolling and makes them start reading.

£195.00 + vat

Essential crisis management

You never know how and when the next crisis might strike, but this course will make sure you are in the best shape to manage it.

£195.00 + vat

How to film and edit like a pro on your mobile

This online course will guide you through everything you need to know to make professional videos on your smartphone.

£195.00 + vat

Presentation and personal impact skills

Learn how to overcome your nerves and present with confidence and clarity whatever the format.

£195.00 + vat

Media skills refresher course

Our online media skills refresher course will refine and add precision to your interview skills.

£195.00 + vat

Media skills for councillors and local authority officials

Develop your councillors’ understanding of how the media works and their interview skills.

£600.00 + vat (12 licenses)

Identifying media-friendly stories

Learn transferable storytelling skills that will help you with much more than just identifying media-friendly news stories.

£35.00 + vat

The Media Team Academy

The Media Team Academy is an exclusive community of comms professionals who want to improve and develop their careers.

£795.00 + vat

Continuous Professional Development with spokesperson cpd EXTRA

Being a media spokesperson is tough.
Talking to journalists presents unique challenges and requires different thinking.
That’s why we created spokesperson cpd
and EXTRA.

cpd £195, cpd EXTRA 595.00 + vat

Benefits of our online courses

Online training and development courses have a number of advantages and benefits

Expert Content

Instead of rebranding generic courses, our online courses are made by us; using journalists, presenters and other experts in the media world to ensure all content is of the highest quality.

Cost Effective

With no need to travel anywhere or take time away from the workplace, our online courses are an extremely cost effective format for training and development of yourself or your employees.

Highly Flexible

Work through the courses at your own pace and at a time that is convenient for you! Our online courses are fully accessible on computers, tablets and mobile devices, and simply require a connection to the internet.
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"I’ve just completed the online course which explained how to film and edit my own videos. It was a really engaging course with lots of new information in it, like the most important things to consider when setting up a shot. Also the apps that I can download to use for filming, editing, and for autocue.

I’m feeling more confident now, especially about knowing how to engage with the audience."